Are you using Instagram then you can make up to 35,000 per month.

Yes guys you can make money with Instagram by sitting at home and that can be done in a month. Nowadays everyone uses social sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, TikTok and Instagram and all these platforms are paying to you if follow my instructions below.

You all know this sometimes ago facebook brought Instagram and now this is the platform of Facebook. So facebook growing this platform on a large range and you can also get a benefit from this thing.

How to make money with Instagram?

This is very simple and easy to make money with this platform. I will guide you through everything in step by step. So please follow my instructions and you can earn from this platform in months.

Step 1. Find Niche

Everyone has a different interest and capability of work. So, first of all, you have to decide in which niche you wanna work. Some are didn't know about the niche? So let me explain this thing in few words, Niche means, in which category you can do great work like you can make funny videos, informative videos, marketing or anything else.

So after choosing your niche you have to create your account according to that platform. Don't make a decision in any rush, be patient and find your niche free of mind because this is the main step to make money.

Step 2. Upload your content

Now you have your niche and the next step is to upload your content on instagram. Keep something in your mind while uploading your content, you create something different from others. There are so many people are uploading content on Instagram so you have to think something different which like a lot by people.

Step 3. Grow your account

After these steps, now you have to grow your account by continue to upload your content on instagram. Your content is everything for you because it helps to grow your account fast.

So always seek great content for your page. This will help you to make a good amount of money.

Step 4. Sponsorship

When your account got a great number of followers then you can get too many numbers of sponsorships. You can charge according to your budget. This is a great opportunity for you to make a good amount of money.

Step 5. Affiliate marketing

There are too many sponsorships that come from affiliate marketing when your account grow on top. There are too many online platforms like freelancer, ClickBank and other platforms that pay you much money to post their content on your account.

These are also growing platforms these days so they can pay money to you what amount you need.

Step 6. Sell photos online

There are too many brands coming these days and they will pay you when you post their photos in your story. Just like a new shoe launch recently and you can upload that picture on your account and they will pay you.


As we know the era is going to change so everyone shift to digitalization so we also have to become part of a thing to grab this opportunity. 

These are the platforms where we can earn money by sitting at home that can be when we are sleeping. so please follow my all steps to grab this opportunity from now.

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