Check recent result of Shillong teer result, juwai teer result and khanapara teer result.

There are many sports in India which are famous all over the world. One of them is the most famous, whose name is Shillong Arrow.

Shillong arrow is a game played on a very large level, and people come from far away to see it. This game is played in Meghalaya, one of the largest cities in India.

Shillong Teer result

This game is played for six days, and on the seventh day, people mostly go to church and temple to pray for this game. This is a legal game that comes under the Government of India, and all the instructions are applicable in it.

अपनी वेबसाइट बनाए और लाखों रुपए कमाए?

People like this game a lot, and people call this game by some different name.

  • Khanapara Teer
  • Juwai Teer and
  • Ladymbai Teer
  • Khanapara teer result

Juwai Teer result

This result is exactly like this, where people buy tickets and enjoy this game to the fullest. This arrow result is played in Mangalian for a long time, and the people there like this game very much, and that is why the government has declared it a legal game there.

The language there is Maglia, and people call it by different names, and where the best thing is that where many foreigners come to see this game and inspire those players to take this game. Make your country proud by winning.

क्या आप भी घर बैठे ₹100000 तक कमाना चाहते हैं?

The result of this game is uploaded after every 2 hours and from which it is known which player has won and which player has lost. You can also see the result of this game sitting at home because their official website is also maintained to see the result for free.

Shillong teer result

People are very excited to play this game because it is a very good game to earn money. Sports tickets are very cheap; people can buy tickets for this game from ₹ 1 to ₹ 100, which you can get at 10:00 at the counter.

If you want to win money in this game, you have to tell from your guess which player will hit the best target. There are two rounds in this game, and you have to guess in both rounds.

Like I already told you that there are two rounds in this game. In the first round, the player gets a chance to hit 30 targets, and in the second round, he gets a book chance of hitting only 20 targets. And the biggest feature of this game is that you get only 2 minutes to play this game. And this is the specialty of this game that you have to hit the maximum target in less time.

Shillong arrow is very famous all over India because where people come and go a lot and people make their means of earning from it and from where they go after winning a lot of money. It is a completely legal game that the government and people enjoy this game and win that prize along with it.

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