Earn 90,000 per month with facebook.

All of us use social media in our daily life. In which the most used social media platform is Facebook. People are active in counting billions on Facebook and spend most of their time watching videos and chatting.

Do you know that you can earn from 50,000 to ₹ 10,0000 just by sitting at home from Facebook? If not, today I will understand you in very easy ways that you can use Facebook not only to waste time but also to earn money from it.

How to earn money from Facebook?

To earn money from Facebook, first of all, you must have an account on Facebook and this account can be in any name. The best thing is that now you keep the name of your account related to whoever you want to work on, like if I want to load my videos, then I will keep my videos of my account.

Which work are you better at?

To earn money from Facebook, first of all, you should know what you will upload on Facebook. For example, if you have knowledge of something, then you can share the living with your audience and if you have some talent, you can present it in front of others and can teach others the best.

Always keep in mind what you are working on and what your interest is in and can you really teach that thing to others.

Facebook page

After finding your work, first of all, you have to create an account which you can put on any name as I have told you earlier.

You should always change a name that is very easy and anyone can understand so that the man who has come on your channel can get to know whose recording videos and articles you are writing.

Win the trust of people

After creating the page, the first thing you need to do is to win the trust of the people because people will come to your page only if there is something in your page that people are looking for.


After doing all this, you will have to monetize your account with Facebook so that Facebook can put its ADS on it and you can earn from it.

For that, you will come to increase your phone and you will have to win their trust and keep it on your channel. This is one of the easiest ways you can make money.


When your Facebook page becomes very large and thousands and millions of people will get connected to you, then you will get a lot of promotion options. Where you can earn money on your own free will because you will give sponsorship to a very big company to review their brand.


If you use Facebook too much, then spend some time from it towards your earnings, because you can earn a lot of money from this platform.

You will have to face a lot of difficulties at first, but later everything will become easy and you will come to know everything.


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